The singer sparked controversy when a snap of him posing in a fur store in Canada ahead of his gig in St. John's, Newfoundland over the weekend (11-12Jul15) appeared online.

Stewart has admitted he "regrets" wearing the garment, insisting he did not know what it was made of.

His spokesperson states, "Rod regrets that he didn't check what the jacket was made of... Rod has since been very upset to learn that the shop has been using this image as an advertisement for an industry that he does not know much about and certainly does not support."

And Humane Society International bosses, who are leading a campaign to end Canada's annual seal pup slaughter, have accepted the explanation.

A statement from the organisation reads: "We understand that Rod Stewart asked to be taken to a store where he could buy some warm clothes. Rod was taken to a store called Always in Vogue that, unbeknown to him, sells seal fur items and is owned by Bernie Halloran, a key player in Canada's seal fur trade.

"The store asked Rod to pose for a photo in the coat, and has since used that photo on social media as if to suggest Rod's support.

"Rod has since released a statement to assure his fans that he was completely unaware the coat was made from seal skin, and doesn't support the seal killing industry... We don't believe for one second that Rod knew he was wearing a sealskin coat, and we are today writing to Rod Stewart to thank him for distancing himself from the suffering. This was little more than a cynical ploy to get celebrity approval for a brand of animal suffering that virtually no celebrity would ever want to be associated with."