Mother and daughter had to pretend all was OK for a TV chat about their new show Stewarts & Hamiltons, but tensions reared up when they were asked about the real drama on the programme.

Alana Stewart said, "My daughter and I have not spoken for two days; we have a knock-down, drag-out fight in the car on the way to the airport in New York and this is the first time we've seen each other and talked in two days."

Daughter Kimberly added, "We're still not speaking actually..."

The tension prompted Access Hollywood Live host Kit Hoover to ask the feuding pair to "make up" on live TV, urging them to "hold hands".

Kimberly shot back, "We're not there yet. We're making eye contact."

Asked what the fight was about, both said, "It's a long story", but Alana chimed in, "We push each other's buttons... I'm a Taurus, she's a Leo", and her daughter added, "She's relentless."