You have to respect any movie with enough guts to use the word "squall" in its title. Brought to us by stellar director Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise), and pitched as "Dead Poets Society on a boat," White Squall ends up as a passable film, but won't being going down as one of the director's best productions, much less an equal to Poets.

White Squall is the true story of the Albatross, a ship carrying 13 boys as students of the Ocean Academy, a school-at-sea on which Christopher Sheldon (Jeff Bridges) is the captain. Setting sail in 1960 for a year-long voyage "half way around the world and back," the boys learn about discipline, facing ones fears, the joys of Danish schoolgirls, alcohol, venereal disease, and they occasionally even find some time to study.

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