Production Disney Theatrical Productions announced on Monday (Nov 11th) that they are embarking on a stage production of the romance story 'The Princess Bride. The new project comes in a deal with the writer of the original 1973 novel and the man who penned the 1987 screenplay, William Goldman.

The Princess Bride
Cary Elwes as 'Westley' and Robin Wright as 'Princess Buttercup'

At this time it is not clear if the production will be a musical or play, nor has a timeline been estimated for the new stage show, according to Variety.

Goldman is a two-time academy award winner and the new production will be both based on his novel and the feature film screenplay.

The new deal was orchestrated by Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. According to Broadway World he said, "My involvement in The Princess Bride goes back to 1987 and it has always been close to my heart."

Adding, "For all those years and a few more, I've been friends with the brilliant Bill Goldman, and to now have a stage production of this film in development at Disney is honestly a dream come true. It couldn't be in better hands than those of the experienced Disney Theatrical team led by Tom Schumacher."

The Princess Bride
'Fezzik' played by André the Giant in 'The Princess Bride' as part of the outlaws

The report also states Thomas Schumacher, President and Producer Disney Theatrical Productions, released a statement which read;

"The Princess Bride has proven to be an enduring delight and a beloved favorite to multiple generations, What William Goldman created is first and foremost a celebration of storytelling; what better place to spin that tale than on the stage?"

The story depicts a beautiful women called 'Buttercup' who lives on a farm and falls in love with her family's farm-boy, 'Westley'. However, 'Westley' leaves to find his own riches, but news travels back to 'Buttercup' that he is dead, so she unwillingly marries 'Prince Humperdinck'. 'Westley' eventually reutrns and tries to reunite with his love after she is kidnapped by three outlaws.

Goldman added, "I am thrilled that the next chapter in the life of The Princess Bride will unfold on the stage."He continued, "With Alan Horn, Thomas Schumacher and his team at Disney Theatrical Productions leading the way, Buttercup, Westley and all of Florin are in the best of hands."

The Princess Bride
Who will play 'Westley' in the stage production?