Robin Williams wants to play Albert Einstein in a movie.

The 'Dead Poets Society' actor would love to star as the German-born theoretical physicist - who developed the theory of relativity - or would be equally happy to play "fascinating" former US president Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt, who used to keep a taxidermy museum of animals he'd caught.

Robin told BANG Showbiz: "At some point I would love to play Einstein. I would love to play him at some place, some how. Or Teddy Roosevelt because he's so fascinating, a really interesting guy. He shot every animal he saw!"

The 60-year-old comedian - who underwent successful heart surgery in 2009, which forced him to cancel a one-man-show tour - has no plans to slow down his acting career and wants to stay on the big screen for "as long as possible".

He added: "I just want to keep acting for as long as possible, I'm still enjoying it. I don't have any plans to retire at all."