Robin Williams is keen to confront one of the many gay men who insist they've slept with him because he can't recall that period of his life. The actor has always insisted he's 100 per cent heterosexual, but many gay men are keen to 'out' him. He explains, "There are many websites that'll go, 'Oh, he's gay - I know he's gay.' "Even our chef, who's gay, was at a gay ski lodge, and some guy came up to him and said, 'Robin Williams is gay.' He goes, 'No, he isn't.' 'Oh, I know he is... I know people who've been with him.' "They should tell me, because I don't remember." Williams insists he has never even considered having a guy-on-guy encounter - even during his drug-fuelled heyday, when bisexuality was all the rage. He tells men's style magazine GQ, "(I'm a) big fan of the puss. Always addicted to puss. Came from one."