Fans of Robin Williams will be glad, today, to learn that he is still alive and well. Not because he has been ill. Nor has he been involved in an accident. Nor was he anywhere near an Austrian mountain range, as has been suggested by the latest internet death hoax.

Update: Robin Williams, dead aged 63

Despite providing a story that was remarkably similar to the death hoax that tried to kill off Ryan Gosling recently, there were still people across the globe who were gullible enough to believe the news that Williams had fallen to his death whilst shooting a film in Kitzbuhel, Austria.

Goldie Hawn unintentionally caused the rumor to accelerate when she posted a message on Twitter saying "Correction! Robin Gibbs has sadly passed. RIP jcm1009: goldiehawn Actor Robin Williams Falls To his death." She was attempting to clear up the misunderstanding after the user jcm1009 had sent her a message claiming that Williams had died. The user subsequently sent messages of apology to Goldie for perpetuating the rumor. reported on the hoax today (May 21, 2012), keen to reassure fans of the actor that he is still alive and while, especially after the recent news of both Robin Gibb and Donna Summer having passed away in the last few days.

This isn't the first time that the Robin Williams RIP rumor has hit the internet. Each time it crops up, it seems to have come from the same, unverified web tale that someone mistakes as a genuine news story. Hollywood directors would be best off staying away from any Austrian mountain filming locations, though, just in case they tempt fate. The boy's cried wolf too many times on this one.

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