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Robin Tunney Vomited On Simon Baker

10th September 2013

Actress Robin Tunney once threw up on her The Mentalist co-star Simon Baker while in mid-conversation.The pair was chatting during some downtime on the set of their hit Tv crime drama when Tunney suddenly fell...

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Actress Robin Tunney Engaged

6th February 2013

Actress Robin Tunney is planning a second wedding after accepting interior designer Nicky Marmet's proposal on Christmas Day (25Dec12).The Mentalist star was holidaying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when her boyfriend popped the question -...

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Schwarzenegger's Psychic Gift Was Bad News For Co-star Tunney

5th February 2009

Retired action man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER delivered bad news to actress ROBIN TUNNEY after the two paired up in END OF DAYS - in the form of a psychic reading. Tunney reveals the Terminator star paid for...

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Tunney Apologises For Lying Over Prison Break Exit

8th September 2006

Hollywood star ROBIN TUNNEY has apologised to her friends after lying about her character's exit from hit TV drama PRISON BREAK. Tunney's lawyer character VERONICA DONOVAN was sensationally killed off, and the actress admits she...

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Tunney's Firing Fear

8th September 2006

Actress ROBIN TUNNEY found it impossible to relax while filming new movie HOLLYWOODLAND, because she was terrified she would be fired. THE CRAFT star appears opposite BEN AFFLECK, ADRIEN BRODY and DIANE LANE in the...

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Tunney Develops A Crush On Well-spoken Affleck

20th August 2006

JENNIFER GARNER had better watch her back - another actress has desires on her husband, BEN AFFLECK. THE CRAFT star ROBIN TUNNEY, who plays the psychotic girlfriend of Affleck's character in new film HOLLYWOODLAND, admits...

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Tunney Terrified Of Affleck Audition

19th August 2006

THE CRAFT star ROBIN TUNNEY was terrified of meeting BEN AFFLECK for the first time on the set of new movie HOLLYWOODLAND - because she felt sure he'd remember her worst audition ever. The actress,...

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Tunney Wins Top Poker Prize

9th June 2006

Actress ROBIN TUNNEY has become the latest Hollywood star to raise eyes and stakes at the poker table after winning a huge card showdown in Los Angeles. The star of witch drama THE CRAFT wove...

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The Things They Say 1555

7th March 2006

"It's about hanging out with TOMMY LEE, which I did. I was afraid I was going to catch a venereal disease." Actress ROBIN TUNNEY was horrified to find she was partying with rocker Tommy Lee...

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Tunney Impressed With Tough Guy Douglas

15th May 2003

Hollywood star MICHAEL DOUGLAS won his THE IN-LAWS co-star ROBIN TUNNEY's respect by taking a beating by a girl - and not even flinching. The movie star impressed Tunney while they were filming the...

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Robbie Lists His Angels

14th May 2003

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has set his romance goals high in America - he fancies a threesome with HILTON heiresses PARIS and NICKY and a lasting relationship with THE CRAFT's ROBIN TUNNEY. The cheeky Brit admits...

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