Robin Thicke was the 24th artist to headline the iTunes Festival after his show last night in London. Performing at Camden's Roundhouse, Thicke was one of the artists to play at the month of free gigs held throughout September.

Robin Thicke
Thicke's Show Was Slickly Performed.

This is a difficult time for Thicke to come to the UK: in the past week two British universities have announced that Thicke's hit R&B track 'Blurred Lines' has been banned from the student unions on account of its lyrics, widely believed to condone forced sex as well as its controversial, raunchy video. Nevertheless, no one in the packed out iTunes crowd was accusing Thicke of being a sexist creep today, that is apart from The Telegraph's Nick McCormick.

Robin Thicke iTunes
The Backing Dancers Flanked Thicke With Hair-Flicking & Writhing.

Though McCormick, a middle-aged male journalist, isn't exactly Thicke's target audience, he was sent to critique the concert and came back with a few grumbles to commit to review. McCormick takes issue with Thicke's three dancing girls who, despite being given microphones, spent most of their time strutting, flicking their hair and writhing on piano lids and left the backing singing duties to five slick R&B singers.

Although it is admitted that Thicke's falsetto voice is phenomenally "lush," it is noticed, somewhat scarringly to Thicke's reputation, that the 36 year-old looks a little like Simon Cowell with his shades and "flat top haircut." Thicke is "unbearably smug," according to McCormick.

Robin Thicke Roundhouse
Robin's Dance Moves Were accused Of Being Dad-Like.

Thicke smoothly made his way through covers of Michael Jackson's 'Rock With You' and Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together.' McCormick is particularly venomous about Thicke's oft-criticised mega-hit, 'Blurred Lines,' describing the T.I. and Pharrell-featuring song as "smarmy" and employing "slighty sinister sexism" with "creepy lyrics." None of the Roundhouse's frenzied girls seemed to care though; there was many a plastic penis held aloft when Thicke broke into his now-notorious tune.

Though Thicke's piano-tinkling efforts on his more romantic ballads seemingly enthralled, "deeply unpleasant" was the over-riding impression left.

Robin Thicke iTunes Camden
The Star Whipped The Crowd Into A Swooning Frenzy.

So what about a female opinion? Entertainment Wise's Alicia Adejobi reckoned that at the Roundhouse, Thicke sounded "even better vamped up with a live band" than he does on record. She added "Robin evoked a sense of mystery all the while maintaining a mouth-watering sex appeal by flirting with his stunning dancers who twisted, booty-shook and popped their way around the stage." So far, so good.

However, Adejobi took issue with Thicke's clichéd and cringe-worthy dancing "[resembling] an embarrassing dad interrupting the band at a wedding."

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines
Thicke's Slighty Sleazy Show Is Part Of His Appeal For Some.

"[Robin's] raspy vocals, spine-tingling falsettos and unwitting charm are all talents" that were on display last night. Safe to say Adejobi was titillated.

Though some of Thicke's lyrics are undeniably, eyebrow-raisingly sexist, it was clear last night that he is a performer and whatever sleaze-dust he sprinkles on his songs and dodgy dad dance moves he pulls are having a heating effect on a large proportion of the female population.

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