Robin Thicke has had a rather surreal year. First there was the runaway chart success of his R&B single 'Blurred Lines' followed by the almighty furore surrounding the song's lyrics' sexual themes and the half-naked models in the music video. The MTV VMA ceremony came soon after where we saw Thicke dancing whilst being twerked upon by Miley Cyrus. Not to mention the aggressive rumours that he cheated on his wife, actress Paula Patton.

Robin Thicke
The Price Of Fame: Robin Thicke Experiences Backlash From The UK.

Within a year, Thicke has shot from being a lesser-known pop artist to a household name music chart leviathan and suited lothario in aviators; it's a small wonder that the 36 year-old singer has managed to keep his head together. Conquering charts the world over with his summer hit proved all too easy but Thicke has found a tougher market in the UK.

Watch The (Unrated) Version Of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines':

Thicke has been dealt numerous blows by the UK after two universities announced that 'Blurred Lines' would be banned from their student unions, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out against the infamous Miley Cyrus VMAs performance and now an advertising campaign featuring the song has been deemed unsuitable to broadcast in the country before 7.30pm.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton
Robin & His Wife Paula At The MTV VMAs.

The issues stem from the perceived sexual aggression of 'Blurred Lines' as well as the unabashed dominance that Thicke and rappers T.I. and Pharrell exert over the parading models in the music video.

The advert in question is a 'Beats Pill' commercial for a new portable stereo which was based on Thicke's controversial music video and has received 97 complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority since it was first broadcast. Though Beats Electronics International argued that the women performing in the advert were "not subservient to the male character," the ASA has ruled that certain elements, "particularly the shots of the women's bodies with their heads obscured and the shot of the woman on all fours," were distasteful, according to BBC News.

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Thicke has steadfastly maintained that he respects women and does not advocate sexual violence, as purportedly proved by his 8 year marriage to Patton, whom he claims to have been dating since high school.

In a last move to defend his song against the United Kingdom's disparagement, Thicke revealed to BBC 1Xtra that he has resigned himself to believing that the younger generations "get it." "I don't think people got it out here [in the UK] in those positions of power...I think the kids get it...I just have to deal with that," he added.

Robin Thicke Shades
Thicke Swears That He Respects Women.

Robin also once again referenced his string relationship with his wife as proof that he's not the player type his performer image might belie. "I wrote it [Blurred Lines] about my wife," he explained. "She's my good girl. And I know she wants it because we've been together for 20 years."