Robin Thicke scored his fourth week on top of the UK Single Chart at the end of last week (June 23) and despite criTIcism for his 'rapey,' derogatory lyrics, the singer is still riding high on the success of his most popular song to date. Speaking with, the singer seemed unperturbed by criticism and promised fans that, despite the backlash his single has received, the album will be a 'feel good' hit.

The album, also called Blurred Lines, is the follow-up to Thicke's poorly-received and poor selling Love After War, and also features the singer breaking away form his usual style of being the sole focus on his releases, with little outside help appearing on any of his past works. As his success began to dwindle, Thicke decided that it was time to bring in some outside help and turn his usual bedroom R&B style into much more accessible pop. A move that has clearly proved to be a success.

"I realized, this time, I'm not going to do it all on my own. I'm going to hire some of the great hit-makers in the business and try to make some music everybody can enjoy instead of just my small fan base," the singer said in his interview, before going on to address the subject of his song, in which he seemingly furthers the idiom that women don't know what they want, so men best give it too 'em.

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One thing the song is, other than a bit old fashioned in terms of how he approaches women, is damn catchy and if the single is anything to go by then the album might just be the anthem-heavy album we've been waiting for. Either that or it'll be very disappointing and - like the Pharrell Williams and TI-featuring song is already suffering - will be looked back on with a hint of resentment. Hopefully, it'll be the first option. Hopefully.

The album Blurred Lines will be released through Star Trak on July 30, with rapper Kendrick Lamar also showing up on the release as well as Pharrell and TI. His follow-up single, 'For the Rest of My Life' is out now, but don't expect to hear it while 'Blurred Lines' is still doing so well.

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Robin will release his new album at the end of July

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'Blurred Lines' has proved itself to be the hit of the summer, albeit a controversial one