Robin Thicke is topping charts everywhere with his first single off Blurred Lines, also imaginatively titled Blurred Lines. While many are panning the song for its “rapey” lyrics and, um, strange video – hint: it features women wearing clingfilm, Thicke’s success in the charts seems to indicate that the show definitely has a lot of fans (if you ignore, of course, the “ironic” observers.)

Thicke himself explains that he’s very proud of the song and the upcoming album will feature more of the same – dance beats with not-very-engaging lyrics and, presumably, more half-naked women in videos. Thicke explained for, via Reality TV Magazine: “I realized, this time, I’m not going to do it all on my own. I’m going to hire some of the great hit-makers in the business and try to make some music everybody can enjoy instead of just my small fan base,” Thicke explained, hoping that Blurred Lines does better.” The singer might be referring to the low sales of his last album, which didn’t go over well with fans or critics.

Watch the "Blurred Lines" video.

Regardless, collaboration seems to be the name of the game these days and the collaboration with Pharell Williams is clearly working in the singer’s favor – the youtube video for Blurred lines currently has over 62 million views and the song is sticking firmly at the top of UK charts for the fourth week in a row. According to Reuters, the Official Charts Company said Thicke sold a further 133,000 copies of the single over the last week to bring total UK sales to 718,000, the year's second biggest selling track. With those kinds of sales, we’re willing to bet that the song will be inescapable over the summer months – for better or worse.

Robin Thicke, Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Thicke has seen unparalleled success with his latest video.

Robin Thicke, LAX
Whatever he's doing, it's working.