An advert for Dr Dre's Beats Pill speakers featuring Robin Thicke's controversial 'Blurred Lines' track has been banned from daytime television.

The advert will be only aired after 7.30 pm after it received 97 complaints for it been "too sexual", according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The clip is based on Thicke's music video 'Blurred Lines' and features several female models dancing around and holding the speakers, whilst wearing short crop tops and hot pants.

One model is seen on her hands and knees with the product placed on her back.

These scenes were described as "distasteful" by the ASA but they are unlikely to "cause widespread offence", meaning the ad will remain on television.

The BBC reported that "the ASA acknowledged some viewers could find elements of the advert distasteful - 'particularly the shots of the women's bodies with their heads obscured and the shot of the woman on all fours'".

Beats Electronics International defend their advert by saying the women in the video were strong and self-assured individuals who were "not subservient to the male character". It also defended the props used in the advert, which were "strong, playful images that most viewers would not see as having any sexual connotation".

The single itself has been subject to a large amount of scrutiny for its lyrical content, many people have complained about the song degrading women and promoting non-consensual sex as it sings "I know you want it, you're a good girl, can't let it get past me, you're far from plastic, talk about getting blasted, I hate these blurred lines".

'Blurred Lines' has been banned from playing at the student union at Leeds University making it the second university in the UK to blacklist the song as Edinburgh University have also imposed a ban.

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Robin Thicke's advert deemed "too sexual" for daytime TV