In his final moments with his family, before he passed away, Robin Gibb expressed regret that his late twin brother, Maurice Gibb, could not be with him by his bedside. "I wish Mo was here, I can't believe he is gone," the 62 year-old Bee Gees singer told his family. Daily Mail reports that he had also been speaking a lot about his brother Maurice in recent weeks and had also remained determined, until the end, that he would tour with his other brother and fellow Bee Gee Barry Gibb, once more.
According to today's story (May 22, 2012), Robin's family had been "keeping a bedside vigil" for Robin and despite the fact that he was slipping in and out of a coma, he refused to acknowledge that he was dying and all the time talked of the possibility of touring again. "We all knew he was seriously unwell, but his strength of character meant he never once mentioned the possibility he might not make it." The friend also revealed "Instead he talked constantly about touring again, working with his brother Barry and about how much he missed Maurice, or Mo as he always called him."
The eldest Bee Gees brother Barry Gibb, 65, is making plans to fly home to London, so that he can mourn Robin's death with their 92 year old mother, Barbara. Robin reportedly requested that the Bee Gees hit 'How Deep Is Your Love' be played at his funeral.