Robin Gibb has been undergoing treatment for liver cancer for several months, according to the UK's Daily Mail, who report the Bee Gees legend was rushed to hospital last Tuesday (15 November, 2011) after an emergency call but was released later that day.
The most recent scare has resulted in Robin's mother Barbara, 91, bringing forward her scheduled Christmas visit to fly in from her home in Miami. The musician has been photographed looking frail and gaunt in recent weeks, but his cancer diagnosis was only reported on Monday. Last year, Robin had life-saving surgery for a blocked intestine, at the time telling the UK's Sun newspaper, "It was a shock. I was told my intestine could burst at any time and I could be dead within half an hour". A family friend said last month, "Robin is working hard to cope with this latest setback. He has been a pinnacle of strength". His wife Dwina Murphy-Gibb appears to be looking into alternative treatment methods, telling Sky Arts TV program Living the Life of a specific visit to a Native American healer, saying "This incredible Indian tribe introduced Robin and I to something called 'spider medicine.It apparently contains properties that can help you get well from certain untreatable illnesses".
The Bee Gees have sold more than 220 million albums and singles worldwide. Robin's brother Maurice died in Miami Beach, Florida, in 2003 following complications resulting from a twisted intestine.