Robin Gibb has been given a boost following his recent health scare after raising $9 million (£5.6 million) to build a war memorial in London.
The Bee Gees legend has been recovering at home since he was hospitalised with abdominal pains earlier this month (Apr11).
But he had extra reason to celebrate on Easter Sunday (24Apr11) after learning the funds needed to construct a memorial for British bomber plane crews have been obtained.
He says, "I'm over the moon after three years of hard work. My only regret is that they should have had it (the memorial) years ago. But I am glad I have been allowed to spearhead the campaign.
"From a selfish point of view, I feel like I'm one of them and I feel proud to be like one of Bomber Command... This is an anti-war memorial as much as anything. It acknowledges the tremendous sacrifice these men made."
The monument will be built in the British capital's Green Park to honour the airmen who gave their lives in World War II.