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Back to the Future Part III (1990) - Clips

When Dr. Emmett Brown gets trapped in a Western world in 1885, it's up to Marty to rescue him when he learns of his untimely death. It isn't long before he runs into Biff's ancestor Buford, however, who doesn't exactly make it easy for the pair to get home. Plus, the DeLorean is out of gas which means they can't accelerate to the required speed anyway to travel forward in time. They have an idea, though, involving the use of a rail spur and a train to push them to the right speed, but before they can implement the plan Buford attempts to force Marty into a duel. And after Doc has fallen in love with a beautiful 19th century lady named Clara and been subsequently dumped after revealing his true origin, he's not in the best of moods to help them finally get home either.

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Back to the Future Part II (1989) - Clips

Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown re-unite for more adventures, but this time Doc is looking to the future rather than the past. He encourages both Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer to accompany him to 2015 and help out their future children. However, things take a shaky turn when Marty decides to buy a sports almanac in a bid to get rich through betting. Unfortunately, their journey to the future has been witnessed by Biff, who manages to steal the almanac and give it to his 1955 self. When Marty and Doc return to a dystopian 1985 they most certainly don't recognise, they are forced to go back to the past to rectify the situation - and prevent Biff from ruining their futures.

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Back to the Future (1985) - Clips

Marty McFly is an ordinary high school teenager, with a passion for music and a talent for skateboarding - not to mention a beautiful girlfriend named Jennifer. However, his parents have it less easy; his father George lacks confidence and so is easily bullied by his boss Biff, while his mother spends her days drowning her sorrows and getting seriously unhealthy. Soon Marty meets an ageing scientist named Doc, who has built a time-machine into a DeLorean. But when the pair run into some trouble, Marty is forced to escape in the vehicle and winds up in 1955 - the year his parents first got together, despite them being leagues apart. Now not only has Marty got to find the younger Doc to help him get Back To The Future, but he also has the task of uniting his parents so that he eventually gets born.

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It's October 21st 2015, Which Means 'Back To The Future Day' Is Finally Here!

Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd Robert Zemeckis

Movie fans all around the world are today celebrating 'Back To The Future Day', marking the exact date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to in the 1989 sequel, Back to the Future Part II. In the film, the pair ride the DeLorean to October 21, 2015 and find a world of hoverboards, self tying shoelaces and a few things that actually are now a reality.

back to the futureMichael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future Part II.

Fans from all over the globe having been getting in on the Back To The Future-themed fun, with many cinemas showing all three films from the franchise back to back. There’s also been plenty of action on social media, with #BackToTheFuture trending worldwide.

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The Walk Review


After the Oscar-winning 2008 documentary Man on Wire told this story with such energy and suspense, it was only a matter of time until someone decided to make a full-on adventure movie. And it's no surprise that the filmmaker turned out to be Robert Zemeckis, known for putting the seemingly unfilmable on the screen, from Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Forrest Gump to The Polar Express. So even if the film feels oddly artificial, this is a rousing, thrilling movie overflowing with cheeky energy.

At the centre of the story is Philippe Petit, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a twinkle in his eye and a faintly silly French accent that works perfectly. In Paris, Philippe is working as a street performer when he sees a drawing of the planned Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Center, and he immediately vows to put a wire between them and walk on it. Over the next few years, he recruits a team of accomplices, including his girlfriend Annie (Charlotte Le Bon) and his circus-performer mentor Rudy (Ben Kingsley). Then in Manhattan, they find some men (James Badge Dale and Steve Valentine) to help them on the inside. And in August 1974, just before the towers were finished, they set their elaborate plan in motion.

While other accounts of this story describe Petit's high-wire performance in words and grainy still photos, Zemeckis uses swooping camera movement and vertiginous angles to give the audience goosebumps as Petit elegantly walks back and forth more than 400 meters above the gawping crowd below. After the rousing caper that went on before, this sequence is exhilarating. And Gordon-Levitt plays it beautifully, channeling the man's mischievous passion into every step. This even helps the audience accept the silly narration segments, in which Petit describes the action while perched on the top of the Statue of Liberty with 1970s Manhattan in the background.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Really Learned Wire-Walking For The Walk

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robert Zemeckis

The story of Philippe Petit's astonishing high-wire walk between the still unfinished World Trade Center towers in 1974 has already been told on film in the Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire. But now Robert Zemeckis has brought it to life dramatically in The Walk, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the cheeky French wire-walking artist. "The thing that neither the book nor the documentary could do was actually put the audience up on the wire with Philippe," Zemeckis says. "We did. And that is what movies are all about."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 'The Walk'Joseph Gordon-Levitt learnt tightrope walking from Petit himself

Of course, the Twin Towers are now linked with the tragedy of the 9/11 attacks. "But I also think with every tragic loss it's also good to remember the beautiful things," says Gordon-Levitt, who actually trained with Petit to prepare for the film, learning magic tricks, unicycle riding and, yes, tightrope walking.

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53rd New York Film Festival - Opening Night Gala - 'The Walk' Premiere

Robert Zemeckis , Joseph Gordon-Levitt - 53rd New York Film Festival - Opening Night Gala - 'The Walk' Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals - Manhattan, New York, United States - Saturday 26th September 2015

Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Robert Zemeckis

The Walk - Extended Trailer

Philippe Petit is a young French high-wire artist, passionate about his tightrope dream and determined to find the perfect place to take the walk of his life. Soon he comes across the newly completed World Trade Centre's Twin Towers in New York; imposing edifices standing at more than 400 metres tall, larger than any man-made structures on Earth. After his first visit to the skyscraper rooftops, he knows he must do everything in his power to achieve this impossible dream - even if he risks death or prosecution in doing so. He hires some technically skilled friends who are willing to covertly set up the wire between the buildings and, after a few nervous doubts, injuries and complications with police, he takes the plunge and performs the most memorable high-wire act in history.

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Michael J. Fox Talks 'Back To The Future' As Film Celebrates 30th Anniversary At London Comic-Con

Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd Robert Zemeckis Lea Thompson

Michael J Fox joined his fellow Back To The Future cast members in London this weekend, to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary at the capital’s Film and Comic-Con convention. Released in July 1985 the time-travelling adventure would go on to become the year’s highest grossing film taking $383million worldwide and spawning two sequels.

Back to the FutureBack To The Future celebrated its 30th anniversary this weekend at London Comic-Con.

Fox was joined at the convention by co-stars including Christopher Lloyd, who played Marty’s inventor friend Dr Emmett Brown, Lea Thompson who was Marty’s mother Lorraine and Claudia Wells, who played Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer in the first film.

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'Back To The Future' Remake Would Be Blocked By Robert Zemeckis

Robert Zemeckis Michael J Fox Back To The Future

Despite our current mania for ‘80s reboots, it seems that there’s one classic movie from that golden decade that won’t be getting a new lease of life on the big screen. Director Robert Zemeckis has insisted that he would block any attempt to remake his 1985 blockbuster Back To The Future if such an idea were ever floated.

The 63 year old spoke to The Telegraph’s movie reviewer Robbie Collin on Monday (June 29th), and admitted that, while such a reboot would undoubtedly be extremely lucrative, it would only happen over his dead body. Quite literally, as it happens, as the original contracts with Universal and Amblin for the first movie states that Zemeckis and his co-writer Bob Gale have control over any BTTF movies until their deaths.

Robert ZemeckisDirector Robert Zemeckis is not keen on a 'Back To The Future' remake

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The Walk Trailer

On 7th August, 1974, one man chose to walk a high-wire between the two buildings of the World Trade Centre. Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is an adrenaline junkie who loves to walk across the highest ropes he can, and coming from France to America shows him a new chance to start over, and break records. With the help of his team, he intends to set up something highly illegal and incredibly dangerous, to prove the possibilities mankind is capable of. But with this great feat set in motion, the question steadily begins to grow as to whether he will actually accomplish it.

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Brad Pitt Set To Star In Romantic Thriller Directed By Robert Zemeckis

Brad Pitt Robert Zemeckis

It looks as if Brad Pitt’s next project will be a ‘romantic thriller’ coming from Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis. The film will be produced by Paramount and New Regency, who confirmed Pitt’s casting on Friday.

Brad PittPitt has signed on to the World War II romantic thriller

Little is known about the as yet untitled movie so far, other than that it is set during World War II and is said to be ‘epic’ in scope. The script has been written by Steven Knight who just penned Pitt’s World War Z sequel which is currently in development.

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'The Walk' Trailer Shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt And The World Trade Centre

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robert Zemeckis Ben Kingsley

On the morning of 7th August, 1974, French high-wire artist, Philippe Petit, made an incredible journey, as he flew into the record books with the record of the highest high-wire walk at the time. For 45 minutes, he walked back and forth along an eight-meter-long wire, 1350 feet from the ground, between the - then new -World Trade Centre Towers. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Le Bon in the planning stages
Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Charlotte Le Bon in the planning stages of the walk

In 2008, the UK made a documentary about Petit's walk, entitled 'Man on a Wire'. Now, 40-years on from the insane and unauthorised stunt, director Robert Zemeckis ('Who Framed Rodger Rabbit', 'Back to the Future', 'Forrest Gump', 'Cast Away', you get the idea.) is working on a new biographical film, 'The Walk', looking into the life and aspirations of Petit and the walk that made him famous. 

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The Walk - Teaser Trailer

French artist Philippe Petit made history in 1974 for his death-defying high-wire feat in New York, where he performed a series of tricks across a cable that was rigged between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Having been learning to command a tightrope since the tender age of 16, by the time he was 25 he was ready to shock the world with his extraordinary courage and ability in what was possibly one of the most dangerous stunts in human history. Not only that, but his walk actually turned out to be completely unauthorised; a feat of trespassing that took Philippe hours and hours of planning and careful deception. However, when it came down to it, seeing just how much he thrilled the crowd that gathered in the streets below, he was naturally let off all charges by an impressed judge.

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Back To The Future Musical: DeLoreans And Time Travel Heading To The West End

Michael J Fox Robert Zemeckis

Back to The Future is the latest cult franchise to be in line for a theatre reimagining; this time, it’s a musical. It’ll hit the West End in 2015, the 30th anniversary of the film. Robert Zemeckis – the director of the original movies - Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd will provide the writing for the project, while the latter is set to direct.

Michael J FoxMichael J. Fox is the enduring face of Back to The Future

Music and lyrics will come from composer Alan Silvestri and songwriter/record-producer Glen Ballard. “The production will include illusions, skateboarding and many other surprises that will capture the spirit of the film but freshly interpret it for a new audience,' Lloyd said in a statement Friday.

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Robert Zemeckis

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