Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - the artists formerly known as the Olsen twins - celebrate their pending legality with a calculated bid for a larger movie following. Celebrities since their diaper days on Full House, the Olsens have over a dozen direct-to-video titles in their money-making repertoire but have yet to foist a feature-length film on to the multiplex masses.

Tailored specifically for packs of prepubescent girls, New York Minute will be eye candy for some and brain candy for all. It casts the camera-friendly siblings in a frothy Ferris Bueller-inspired day in the life of twin sisters spinning in opposite circles. Prim and proper Jane Ryan (Ashley) preps to give a speech at Columbia University that could earn her an Oxford scholarship. Slacker sister Roxy Ryan (Mary-Kate) just wants to skip school and stay one step ahead of a power-hungry truant officer (Eugene Levy) with cop envy.

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