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Pandora's Promise Review


It's a shame so few people see documentaries, and that so few politicians pay them any attention, because this film has the power to change the way we think about nuclear energy. It's an issue most of us have made up our minds about, but by carefully presenting the facts and unpicking the knotty controversies, filmmaker Stone finds real hope for the future. Whether anyone wants to listen is another question.

The central irony is that nuclear power has long been rejected by liberals and supported by conservatives, even though it's exactly the opposite for the environmental issues. The scientific truth is that nuclear technology is probably the only chance humanity has to avoid the worst results of man-made climate change, because it's by far the cleanest and safest way to produce energy. The problem is that everything we have been told has been misleading. And as the world needs to dramatically expand energy production, the only viable alternative to nuclear energy is burning coal and oil, which kills millions each year while irreversibly destroying the planet.

Using archive footage, graphics and well-spoken experts, Stone carefully debunks the false information we've always believed, most of it propagated by oil companies. Essentially: nuclear reactors don't produce waste, they recycle it; new reactors are incapable of melting down; and the radioactivity around a nuclear plant is actually far safer than on a trans-Atlantic flight. Travelling to trouble spots such as Fukushima, Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, Stone demonstrates that these historical old-technology accidents haven't left as much lingering radiation as we thought.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Trailer

The trailer for the fourth instalment from The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has arrived! Captain Jack Sparrow once again takes to the high seas in an adventure that's sure to be immensely entertaining. When a beautiful yet deadly woman from Jack's past appears once again, he's unsure of her intentions but once she forces him to join her on the ruthless Blackbeard's ship called Queen Anne's Revenge asking to find the infamous fountain of youth, he knows there's sure to be plenty of danger ahead. Not only that but the captain also finds himself in the much colder climates than he's used to when his quest takes him to London.

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Dead Man Running Trailer

Watch the trailer for Dead Man Running

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