There's no denying the incredible success 'Supernatural' has seen on the small screen. Now heading into its landmark 13th season on the network, those behind the show are working harder than ever before to ensure the stories being told are as engaging and exciting as ever. With lead actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles on board delivering stellar performances as Sam and Dean Winchester, we're sure everybody's up to the challenge.

Robert Singer serves as an executive producer on 'Supernatural'Robert Singer serves as an executive producer on 'Supernatural'

Last season, the siblings took on the British Men of Letters, which nearly resulted in not only their deaths, but the eradication of every hunter in America. They've overcome that hurdle but are now moving onto something else. Despite the scale we've seen however, this time round the story is going to be "smaller" than what we've seen.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, the show's executive producer Robert Singer explained: "Deliberately we’re not doing like, I mean last year was pretty big with the British Men of Letters and the whole sort of organisational thing and all that, and this year we made a conscious effort that we wanted to go a little smaller and more personal so with mom in the apocalypse world with Lucifer and the boys having to deal with Satan’s son we thought there would be a lot of emotional possibilities and that’s kind of what we wanted to play with this year. Last year was about bringing the family back together, this year is what do you do when your family gets blown apart."

Doing something like this is obviously a huge risk. There are those who think shows should "go big or go home" when it comes to upping the ante each and every season. Of course, there will also be those who want to see more character development away from the action and drama of tackling a major force for both Sam and Dean. How "small" they can possibly go when the pair are dealing with Satan's son however remains to be seen.

Whatever the case may be, the fan base is a solid one that we're sure will return to see whichever story is told. It's going to be an interesting season...

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'Supernatural' season 13 premieres in the US on The CW on Thursday, October 12.