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The Mavericks Come Clean About Firing Bassist Robert Reynolds


Reunited country rockers The Mavericks have fired founding member ROBERT REYNOLDS because he cannot kick his drug addiction issues.

Raul Malo, drummer Paul Deakin and guitarist Eddie Perez have told Rolling Stone Country they had no choice to part ways with the bassist, who was previously married to Trisha Yearwood, in October (14), because he's in the grips of an alleged opiate addiction and has been unable to record or tour.

Deakin tells the publication he knew Reynolds was having problems before the band reformed in 2012, adding, "There were many signs when he first came back into the studio. I confronted him about it, and he denied (it). When he finally admitted it, I said, 'I'm not going to sign these (record) contracts until you go into rehab'. On three separate occasions we put him in different forms of rehab over the past three years."

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Garth Brooks Always Attracted To Wife

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood Ellen Degeneres ROBERT REYNOLDS

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood first felt a romantic connection when they were both still married to other people.

The 'Friends in Low Places' star admits he was attracted to the 'How Do I Live' hitmaker, whom he has been married to for 13 years, from the moment he met her even though he was married to his first wife, Sandy Mahl, at the time.

The 51-year-old star told 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Friday (29.11.13): ''This was somebody I always enjoyed being around. And we had a lot more in common than I ever dreamed we did. And so we started seeing each other after the divorce. We'd known each other music-wise, but we got to see each other as people. And I've got to tell you, if you like her and don't know her, you'll love her. If you love her and don't know her, you'll worship her. She's the real deal.''

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Killers Laugh Off Bond Soundtrack Reports

The Killers ROBERT REYNOLDS Casino Royale Daniel Craig

LATEST: Synth rockers The Killers have played down reports they are to record the theme tune for the next Bond movie.
British media reports claimed The SOMEBODY TOLD ME group were set to write a new track to accompany the 22nd 007 movie, which is set for release in 2008.
However, The Killers manager ROBERT REYNOLDS insists that while they would be flattered to be asked, there has been no approach from the filmmakers yet.
He says, "We've not been approached, but obviously any opportunity would be seriously considered."
The latest Bond film Casino Royale was released this year (06) starring Daniel Craig and has been warmly received by film critics and fans of the franchise.

Police Make Arrests In Stolen Hank Williams Notebook Case

Hank Williams The Mavericks ROBERT REYNOLDS

Tennessee police have arrested two men in connection with the theft of a notebook which once belonged to country music legend Hank Williams.
Memorabilia collector STEPHEN M SHUTTS, who co-owns the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame and Rock + Roll Roadshow with The Mavericks star ROBERT REYNOLDS, and FRANCINE BOYKIN have been released on bail.
Shutts told the authorities he bought the notebook at a garage sale and later sold it, while Boykin, a former custodian at Sony/ATV Music Publishing maintains she found the book of lyrics in a trash can.
Both turned themselves in to police on Monday (30OCT06).
Sony/ATV bosses, who insist the book belongs to them, claim it was stolen from their offices in Nashville.
The notebook contains lyrics to several unpublished Williams songs and has an estimated value of $250,000 (GBP138,900).

Williams' Notebook 'Stolen'

Hank Williams ROBERT REYNOLDS Heart

A music publishing company has branded a notebook of unpublished lyrics by late country singer Hank Williams stolen property, and bosses have called on two collectors to return the artifact immediately.
Sony/ATV only realised the book, worth $250,000 (GBP133,500), was missing after reading a newspaper article detailing how collectors STEPHEN SHUTTS and ROBERT REYNOLDS acquired the item. Sony/ATV filed a stolen property report on 20 September (06).
Shutts and Reynolds, who run travelling exhibit the Honky Tonk Hall Of Fame, said the notebook was given to them by a Nashville, Tennessee, woman last November (05). Neither man is suspected of the theft, though it's unclear if they will face penalties for possession of stolen property. An investigation is now under way.
The country singer died in 1953 from a suspected drugs overdose. The notebook features song lyrics and musings by the YOUR CHEATIN' Heart star, believed to be written between 2 May 1947 and 1949.

Elvis' Favourite Roller Coaster Sold To Museum


Owners of a museum originally planned to purchase a small piece of Elvis Presley's favourite amusement park ride, but ended up buying up the entire roller coaster at auction on Wednesday (21JUN06). The wooden roller coaster, named the Zippin Pippin, was a top attraction at Libertyland, an amusement park Presley rented for parties. The amusement park is closing and its rides were sold at auction on Wednesday (21JUN06). ROBERT REYNOLDS and STEPHEN SHUTTS, partners in a traveling museum called the Honky Tonk Hall of Fame + Rock-N-Roll Roadshow, originally intended to buy one of the roller coaster's cars. The pair ended up buying the entire superstructure, which is billed as one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the US, for the bargain price of $2,500 (GBP1,400).

Killers Attempt To Toss Manager Lawsuit


LATEST: American rockers KILLERS have asked a Las Vegas, Nevada, judge to toss out a lawsuit from their former manager BRADEN MERRICK. Merrick filed a $16 million (GBP9.4 million) breach of contract suit against the SOMEBODY TOLD ME group last month (21FEB06), alleging he was fired in May (05) after the band became successful. The rockers and their lawyer/manager ROBERT REYNOLDS responded yesterday (13MAR06) when they asked a federal judge to throw out the case. And on Friday (10MAR06), The Killers asked the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement to void agreements they made with Merrick. Merrick claims the Killers, who formed in 2002, were under contract with him until next year (07).

Brooks And Yearwood Wed

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood ROBERT REYNOLDS

Country stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are now husband and wife after wedding in a private ceremony on Saturday (10DEC05).

The FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES singer, 43, and blonde beauty, 41, married in front of family and friends at their Oklahoma home.

The couple's publicist NANCY SELTZER says, "They said it is the perfect Christmas gift to each other and they couldn't be happier."

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Mavericks Make A Comeback

The Mavericks Raul Malo ROBERT REYNOLDS

Country-tinged stars The Mavericks have regrouped to release a eponymous new album, following a three year break when the band's future hung in the balance.

Despite massive worldwide hits including DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY, the group splintered when touring became "a grind" - but The Mavericks have now reinvented themselves with frontman Raul Malo, bassist ROBERT REYNOLDS and drummer PAUL DEAKIN being joined by new guitarist EDDIE PEREZ.

Malo explains that the group floundered when hard work took its toll and he felt like he was "cheating our fans - my heart and soul were not in it".

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Garth And Trisha Plan A Wedding?

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood ROBERT REYNOLDS

Country superstars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are heading for the altar, if a slip-up in an interview is to be believed.

Brooks and Yearwood have been romantically linked for 15 years, but they've only been officially dating after the break-ups of their respective marriages.

But, during an interview on COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION, Brooks suggested the couple are about to become man and wife.

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