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Tracey And Hepburn Named As Best On-screen Pairing

27th April 2004

SPENCER TRACEY and KATHARINE HEPBURN had the greatest on-screen chemistry in the history of cinema, according to a group of British scientists. The couple, whose chemistry extended off screen as they filmed nine movies...

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Robert Redford Looks To Animals For Calm

14th April 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD has turned to the soothing practice of animal husbandry as a means of maintaining his inner peace. The SPY GAME star was relieved to discover milking cows was the perfect...

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Redford Praised By Guevara Family

26th January 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD has been hailed by the family of CHE GUEVARA, after making an "excellent" movie about the late revolutionary's life. The 66-year-old - who acted as executive producer on THE MOTORCYCLE...

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Redford Returns To The Stage

26th January 2004

Movie legend ROBERT REDFORD will stun fans by returning to the stage after a 42-year absence. The 66-year-old screen veteran, who last wowed theatre audiences in the 1962 Broadway, New York play BAREFOOT IN...

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Redford Meets With Che Widow

20th January 2004

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD is poised to spark controversy when he visits Cuba to meet the wife of infamous revolutionary ERNESTO 'CHE' GUEVARA. The OSCAR winner shocked Tinseltown by meeting communist leader FIDEL CASTRO,...

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Affleck: J.lo And I Are Cool With On-screen Love Scenes

5th January 2004

Hollywood supercouple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ happily allow each other to shoot sexy love scenes with other on-screen partners - because they share a deep trust. The engaged couple met on the set...

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Tomei Lights Herself Up

5th January 2004

IN THE BEDROOM star MARISA TOMEI is reportedly so worried about her looks she brings special lighting with her whenever she is interviewed for television. The OSCAR-winning actress, 39, allegedly opts to disguise any...

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Redford Airs New Movie At Sundance For The First Time

12th December 2003

ROBERT REDFORD has submitted his own movie to his SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL for the opening film. The movie mogul, who set up the independent movie festival in Utah in 1985 and oversees it annually,...

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Redford Blasts Bush's Energy Bill

9th December 2003

Concerned Hollywood star ROBERT REDFORD has attacked the American government's energy legislation, calling it one of the worst bills he's ever seen. The longtime conservationist, 66, says the bill - put in place by...

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Et Bike Flight Voted Most Magical Moment

1st December 2003

The bike flight finale to ET: THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL has topped a poll of magical movie moments. The scene from the STEVEN SPIELBERG-directed blockbuster where ELLIOTT and his alien pal pedal into the night...

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Redford Honoured With New Green Centre

18th November 2003

ROBERT REDFORD has been honoured in Santa Monica, California, for his lifelong environmental efforts - he's had a new 'green' resource centre named after him. The NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL has named its new...

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Arnie Takes On $25 Billion Headache

17th November 2003

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER will be taking on a $25 billion budget headache when he takes office as the 38th California Governor in Sacramento, California, today (17NOV03). The action man-turned politician won't have time to relax...

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Redford Directs Again

17th October 2003

Screen legend ROBERT REDFORD is set to step behind the camera again to direct new romantic thriller THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. THE STING actor will start filming the movie - about a single father...

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Titanic Has Best Ending

15th October 2003

Movie blockbuster TITANIC has the best film ending of all time, according to a new poll. The scene in which an aged ROSE, played in her younger incarnation by curvy KATE WINSLET, throws her...

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Hollywood Moguls Join Fight Against Screeners

12th October 2003

ROBERT REDFORD, MARTIN SCORSESE and FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA are among the Hollywood heavyweights who have added their signatures to an open letter which urges OSCARS bosses to reconsider their new screener video ban. MOTION...

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Redford In Arts Funding Plea

10th September 2003

Hollywood veteran ROBERT REDFORD has called for the American government to increase funding for the arts. The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID actor - who runs the respected SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - is...

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Rene Russo Loves Foreplay

27th August 2003

RANSOM star RENE RUSSO loves watching foreplay in movies - but her fun always ends as soon as the sex starts. Russo, 49, admits that watching people prepare for sexual intercourse in films is...

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Robert Redford Sued By Ex-employees

21st August 2003

Movie icon ROBERT REDFORD is being sued by two former employees, who are claiming unpaid monies from a severance deal. JEFF KLEEMAN and ERIC GREENFELD have filed a breach of contract suit against the...

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J.lo Shuns Touring For Movies

25th July 2003

Sexy superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has decided to shelve plans to tour in support of her latest album THIS IS ME...THEN - because she is concentrating on her acting career. The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK...

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Redford Takes Flight

11th July 2003

ROBERT REDFORD has joined forces with environmental media group NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to bring the true story of a man's bid to chart the flight of the North American peregrine falcon to the big screen....

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Lopez And Affleck Still Not Married

6th July 2003

Engaged couple JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK sparked a media frenzy this weekend (5/6JUL03) - with hordes of reporters descending on the American town of Manchester, Vermont ready to capture the pair's marriage....

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Carrey Gives Freeman Canadian Welcome

13th June 2003

JIM CARREY put his wacky humour into practice on BRUCE ALMIGHTY co-star MORGAN FREEMAN - by giving him a bizarre welcome to his native Canada. Freeman, who plays God in the hit comedy, recently...

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Arnie Copies Redford

7th May 2003

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is poking fun at constant rumours about his political ambitions by revamping the poster for hit 1972 movie THE CANDIDATE - even copying ROBERT REDFORD's tie. The TERMINATOR star is expected to...

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Redford Inspired Boogie Nights

2nd May 2003

BOOGIE NIGHTS creator PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON has admitted plagiarising one of the characters from the raunchy black comedy. The movie-maker won widespread critical acclaim for his 1997 parody of the 1970s and 80s porn...

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Owen Wilson Still Angered By Festival Decision

7th April 2003

Hollywood star OWEN WILSON says that he would like to come back and haunt the men in charge of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - because they turned down the first movie he wrote and now...

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Redford To Screen Winterbottom Film

26th March 2003

Legendary actor ROBERT REDFORD's SUNDANCE TV channel has bought the rights to screen a low budget movie by MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM. The BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID star is reported to have paid $200,000...

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