Veteran rocker Robert Plant has finally confirmed rumours he is married to singer Patty Griffin, revealing they "eloped" in Texas last year (11).
The Led Zeppelin hitmaker remained quiet about reports suggesting he exchanged vows with his Band of Joy backing vocalist last autumn (11) after photos of the couple wearing what appeared to be wedding rings surfaced online in November (11).
The 63 year old's publicist claimed to know nothing about the nuptials, but Plant has now set the record straight in an interview with Britain's The Independent newspaper.
He tells the publication, "I eloped and ran off to Texas. So now I spend half my time there and half here (in the U.K.)."
But the star admits married life is far from glamorous - the pair recently set up home in an "old crack house" in Austin and it is filled with termites.
He adds, "I tap my hand on the table and they fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film."
Plant was previously married to Maureen Wilson, the mother of three of his children. The couple divorced in 1983.