Robert Pattinson has gone to ground, following the news that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart has been unfaithful to him. The couple wowed movie fans across the globe in the Twilight films, then, seemingly, carried the fairy tale into real life, with their off-screen romance. Last week's revelations will have been earth-shattering for Pattinson, so what will the future hold for the 26 year-old actor?

His current whereabouts are unclear. Some media outlets are adamant that he has taken shelter at Reese Witherspoon's holiday home, though Entertainment Tonight Online have received word that this isn't actually true. Wherever he is, Rob should be taking some time out to regroup, reassess his life and his relationship and hopefully focus on his career. Kristen's curveball has come at a particularly devastating time for R-Patz - just as he's about to embark on a promo push for the David Cronenberg-directed movie Cosmopolis. This could well be the movie that helps to elevate Rob above the typecasting of Twilight. Cronenberg is a respected director and Pattinson's performance in the movie was well-received at Cannes. Pattinson was clearly petrified of the response he might receive from some of the world's harshest movie critics but the overall feeling was that he had impressed them and taken a step away from the world of the teen blockbuster and a step towards the avant-garde.

The weight of public sympathy already lies with Robert Pattinson. If he can muster the inner strength to face the media in the coming months and continue to handle this personal drama with poise, he should manage to emerge from the drama with his dignity and his career intact. He's still scheduled to make an appearance at the August 13 premiere of Cosmopolis in New York and, with any luck, that will remain the case and Pattinson can start to focus on rebuilding his life and, of course, his career.