'Twilight Breaking Dawn', the fourth and final movie in the Twilight franchise starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, will be partly filmed in Brazil, according to another member of the film's cast, Ashley Greene. Filming in South America was previously halted by bosses of the vampire films amid security concerns.
However, 23-year-old Greene who plays 'Alice' in the films told MTV News that shooting will now go ahead and that Brazil will be used as the location for the protagonists wedding celebrations, saying, "They are filming a few days there, but I'm not there. It's Bella and Edward's honeymoon". There has been much secrecy surrounding the scripts for the forthcoming movie, with bosses reluctant to give away any of the plot, and Greene joked about the mystery of 'Breaking Dawn' saying, "I haven't seen the script yet. I reckon it will come in a sealed secret box, with a tracking device!"
'Twilight Breaking Dawn' will be released in two parts, the first of which will hit cinemas in Autumn 2011. The second part of 'Breaking Dawn', and final movie in the Twilight franchise, will be released in November 2012.