Everyone’s pretty excited about seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart walking down the red carpet for the first time together again since their split (why, we’re not sure. We can’t imagine much happening other than polite smiles and nods to the cameras), but for now they’re still doing the Twilight promotional jaunt separate, with both recently clocking a couple of high profile appearances.

E! Online reports that the pair hit up competing networks, with Stewart visiting The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Pattinson heading over to Jimmy Kimmel Live. The appearances on the two biggest talk shows on Monday night television in the US are proof that things are really hotting up ahead of the film’s release on November 16.

So did we garner any new information about the film ahead of its release? Not really, both actors were asked about Halloween costumes, the upcoming US election and, in Pattinson’s case, his penchant for loud kissing. Not really much to get your teeth into there, Twilight fans. On his loud kissing, Pattinson quipped on being shown a few clips of Breaking Dawn Part 2: "I just noticed, this is a very clear example of it...every single scene I end up kissing someone...I have extraordinarily loud little pecks. It sounds like I'm walking around in Wellies...I don't understand, my lip is literally like a vacuum." Witty. Stewart meanwhile cracked "I clearly am not recognized in this paparazzi photo," when asked by Leno about donning a freaky mask for Halloween.