Robert Pattinson needs a home!

The British actor appeared on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' this past Thursday (June 12th) and revealed that he is currently homeless.

"Last time you were here, you told me your living arrangements were a little shaky," Kimmel recalled to Pattinson.

The 28 year-old was a guest on the show back in August 2012, around the time Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders had surfaced, and moved out of the home they shared to deal with the split.

"Do you have a home now, have you found a place to be, to exist?" Kimmel then asked him.

"I've found myself a little home in L.A.," Pattinson said, but noting that his parents causing quite the issue.

"My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing from someone else," the 'Twilight' actor stated. "They kicked me out of it when I got back from [filming in] Toronto. That's the end of that. I'm now homeless again."

Later on in the interview, Pattinson revealed a rather bizarre unknown fact about himself, and it was to do with his own spit.

The Hollywood heartthrob confessed that he has "extraordinarily heavy saliva" to Kimmel, which he is "self-conscious" about. "I noticed it the other day," he added.

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"If I try and spit, I can only get it about a foot," R-Patz continued.

However, this isn't the only strange thing Pattinson recently revealed about himself, while talking to E!News at the premiere of 'The Rover,' he said he enjoys doing "weird things" on-set.

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"I like to do weird things in between takes to really get into it," he said, adding that filming in the middle of the desert allowed him to do this as their wasn't any paparazzi. "Normally I'd be hiding in a corner somewhere."

Robert Pattinson
Pattinson is currently homeless