Robert Pattinson has been snapped on the set of his new movie The Rover looking distinctly tramp-like in the denture department. E Online have published a picture of R-Patz grinning away and we have to say, he’s looking a little less than savoury (and a lot less than ‘kissable’) on the set of the film shoot in Australia. He stars in the movie alongside Aussie actor Guy Pearce and Argo actor Scoot McNairy.

The Twilight actor has roughed up somewhat for the movie described as a “futuristic crime thriller” and in addition to what we hope is false dentistry, he’s also sporting a buzz-cut and an unkempt beard. In the movie, he plays a junior member of a criminal gang, named Reynolds. After being abandoned during a heist, his character goes on to team up with Eric (Guy Pearce), to chase after the guys that did the dirty on him. The movie’s set in the Australian desert and Pattinson’s currently out there filming; presumably he thought his new rotten gums would escape the paparazzi, being out there in the outback. Still, this is 2013, right? There’s no escaping the stray iPhone camera, after all.

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson likes to keep his dentures hidden in snaps but we caught a sneaky glimpse and those teeth definitely aren't rotten!

Pattinson’s girlfriend, the actress Kristen Stewart is reportedly not joinng him in Australia whilst he completes his filming. Though, frankly, with a set of gnashers like that, we’re not surprised.