You know how you can never find a pen when you need one? You have loads of pens, but you leave them places when you go out, they roll under your bed, they drop down the side of the sofa, you lend them to friends who don’t return them, you ask a celeb for an autograph and the cheeky beggars walk off with your pen once they’ve signed your chest? Yeah. That’s why pens, on the whole, are inexpensive items to purchase. No point splashing out on something that’s going to fall through the hole in your handbag that you haven’t got round to repairing, eh?

Well, it appears that that news hasn’t quite filtered down to Robert Pattinson, who just splashed out a mind-boggling $46,000 on a pen, for girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s birthday. On a pen. Granted, it’s a special pen; a Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen. It’s still a pen though. A source told Perez Hilton “"Kristen has always collected pens, and has a variety of stylish ones. Rob decided to go big for her birthday this year and brought her a limited edition white gold Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen. He had her name specially engraved on it with the year and wording: 'From R'… There are only 40 of these pens in the world, so it's a real collector's item." Ah, right, it’s a collector’s item. That totally justifies spending several thousands of dollars on it then.

R-Patz didn’t stop there, either. He also bought 23 year-old Kristen (*cough* who cheated on him *cough*) an antique bracelet. Not a bad haul, eh? 24 isn’t even a milestone, for goodness sake. 

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson: this is the face of a man willing to spend $46k on a pen