The 'Breaking Dawn Premiere' is the hottest ticket in Hollywood tonight (14th November 2011), with the stars of the vampire series Twilight descending on the L.A. Live Complex to celebrate the release of part one of the final instalment.
Fans of the immensely popular movies have been camping out near L.A. Live for almost a week, hoping to catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart at tonight's event. Twilight super-fan Michelle Thompson told BBC News, "I have seen all the Twilight movies. I have been to all the premieres (except the first). I tweet. I blog. I am very active in Twilight community. To just be a part of this event, it's everything". Although the movies have traditionally received a mauling from critics, they have been a phenomenal commercial success taking $1.8 billion worldwide. Another fan, Lindsey Jacob, said, "My friends and I have been following the Twilight stuff.We decided we were gonna go big and do LA". Around 1,400 fans have been camping in Los Angeles, with thousands more expected to turn out for the premiere tonight where the main stars are expected to walk the red carpet. Film studio Summit previously held the Twilight premieres in suburban Westwood, before moving to Los Angeles for 2010's 'Eclipse' to accommodate the growing number of fans who were willing to travel from across the world to attend.
Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 1, sees Bella, played by Stewart, finally marry Pattinson's character 'Edward' and fall pregnant.