LATEST: Fans of tragic actor Robert Pastorelli fear he died of a massive drug overdose, after an empty syringe was found next to his body.

The beloved MURPHY BROWN star was found dead at his Hollywood home earlier this month (MAR04).

The actor's family insist Pastorelli died from a heart attack - but medics suspect he may have been killed by the drug he shot into his arm with a needle they found lying next to him.

Toxicology reports won't be revealed until next month (APR04).

At the time of his death, Pastorelli was reportedly being investigated by the FBI for the death of his girlfriend, which took place in the same home almost five years ago to the day.

TV GUIDE reporter Mary Murphy, who is investigating Pastorelli's death, says, "He had not been called yet for the interviews but he was definitely, according to authorities, the prime suspect in the investigation."

Murphy claims she has uncovered information that links Pastorelli with his late girlfriend CHAREMON JONOVICH's (corr) apparent suicide in 1999.

The reporter reveals an official source has told her that there were gunshot wounds on one of his hands, as well as her's.

22/03/2004 09:31