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Para llevar muerto desde el 2003 se le veía muy vivo a en esa foto del 2008 :P

Posted 4 years 5 months ago by María Encina Ca...

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I met Robert Palmer in London when I was twenty one years old in 1970. We remained friends in his lifetime. Your article regarding Mary Ambrose had some misinformation contained in it. The first thing is the reference about Mary Ambrose being Robert's companion for twelve years at the time of his death. That is incorrect. Mary Ambrose was twenty six years old when Robert died. Mary's age is a matter of public record. It is reported that Susan Palmer and Robert divorced in 1991. That is not correct. Susan requested a divorce in 1999 and Robert complied with her request. When Robert's divorce became final, he started officially dating Geraldine Edwards, his long time friend and muse. Geraldine remained Robert's girlfriend until his death in 2003. They first met in 1976 backstage at the San Diego Sports Arena and later the film Almost Famous was based on Geraldine's backstage adventures. Robert met Mary Ambrose at age eighteen at a friend's home in Coronado, California. Mary was anxious to date Robert upon their meeting, but he passed on her offer. He was working on his marriage to Susan. Mary was a social climber and fixated on Robert. She discovered who his friends were at the party and cultivated them. It paid off. A couple by the name of John and Rae Agostino who lived in Del Mar, California and were friends and business partners of Robert's hired Mary in 1996 as their live-in Au Pair. Now Mary was able to see Robert on a routine basis, platonically. Mary remained in the employ of the Agostinos until late 2000 when Robert employed her as his housekeeper and personal assistant. She was provided her own quarters. Soon Robert and Mary were having an affair. It was not unusual for Robert to have affairs, however. He continued dating Geraldine who preferred to live in her own home, and she remained his girlfriend. Mary was told to date by Robert, he told her that he would not mind. Mary dated many men. She was only twenty three years old in 2000. Robert was twenty seven years her senior. Mary had an affair with Jack Bruce, which ended accrimoniously. Jack remains married today. Mary had a son with Mick Carter, Robert's manager, in 2001. And she had a second son in 2002 with a Swiss Doctor who was a business partner of Robert's. She dated a longtime friend of Robert's named Keith Harledge for a while in 2003. And she dated many others. I don't want to be judgemental, but most of Mary's dates were married. When Robert died while vacationing in Paris with Jack Bruce, not Mary Ambrose, as reported, Mick Carter reported Mary Ambrose as Robert's companion. Carter knew it was not the truth, but he did it to please Mary. Mary could get mean and threatening and Carter did not want trouble. Geraldine was disgusted at Carter's cowardice. Her friend, Eric Clapton came out to spend time with her and to make sure everything was allright. He was wondering what happened, but he figured out what the problem was because Mick Carter was Jack Bruce's manager, too. Before Robert died he had discussed his Will with Geraldine. They both agreed that his Will should be in his children's favour. Robert wrote his will in that manner. He last changed his will in July of 2003. His son, James Palmer, was the Executor of the Estate. Nobody quite knows why, but Mary deluded herself into believing that she was the Executrix of the Estate, discussing with the press an illusory legal meeting that never took place naming her the Executrix. She was undoubtedly empowered by Mick Carter announcing her as Robert Palmer's live-in girlfriend and seeing her name in print next to his. Her happiness did not last long. Both Mick Carter and Mary Ambrose were contacted by the Palmer family's legal representatives. Carter was told to cease and disist from reporting Mary to the press as Robert's live-in girlfriend and Ambrose was told to stop reporting herself as Robert's girlfriend. Business records were produced showing that Mary Ambrose was first and foremost an employee living with Robert in that capacity. Mary Ambrose was also legally enjoinded from writing a book about her and Robert Palmer. Then the Will was read. When Mary discovered she had inherited under $20,000.00, she hired an attorney and told him a sad story of Robert Palmer writing his Will in her favour, and discovering that the Will had been tampered with. In reality, this had not happened. Robert's last Will and Testament was bona fide, and written to his specifications. Mary lost her case in the French Courts. The Swiss Courts had no truck in her legal matter. Mary Ambrose's case was dismissed in 2004. Mary never inherited Robert's Lugano mansion. Mary lied to the press about that. The house was sold as part of the Estate. The proceeds went to Robert's five children from his two marriages to Shelley Palmer and Susan Palmer. And this nonsense about funeral expenses not being paid had nothing to do with reality. The Palmer family arranged their father's funeral. Mary had nothing whatsoever to do with that. In the end, Mary Ambrose was living on charity from Robert's friends and her parents. Mary's father was a retired anchorman who formerly worked for Channel 10 News in San Diego, California, where Mary was raised. His name was Mike Ambrose. He had done well for himself financially. A friend of mine told me that she had been contacted by John Agostino, Mary Ambrose's former employer and friend in 2005. Agostino had informed her that Mary Ambrose had died in London just two weeks before. She was twenty seven years old and had left behind two young sons. She was survived by both her parents and one brother. On a strange note, the U.K. Express wrote an article about an alleged affair that Robert Palmer had with Princess Diana. They described Mary Ambrose as Robert's second wife, apparently forgetting that Susan Palmer had ever existed. And of course, Robert and Mary were not married. They made a comment that Mary Ambrose had to take her "beloved facebook account down" amid allegations and that they were unable to "reach her for comment." The article was written in April of 2010. By then, Mary Ambrose had been dead for nearly five years.

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by James Marlowe

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I was a friend and business partner of Robert Palmer's. He was an investor in my company, the Synergy Group, which was an investment firm located in Southern California. I am now retired. I wanted to correct the record on a couple of points in your article. Mary Ambrose never inherited Robert's Lugano mansion. It was sold as part of the Palmer Estate. Also, by September of 2004, at the time of the writing of the article, the Will battle had been concluded. The French Courts had by then dismissed Mary Ambrose's case for lack of evidence. I am afraid the Swiss Courts were not involved in Mary Ambrose's legal matter at all, as was reported. The matter was tried in Paris, France. Mary Ambrose was not Robert Palmer's companion for twelve years prior to his death. Mary was only twenty six years old at the time of Robert's death, and Robert remained married to Susan Palmer till 1999, not 1991 as reported. Susan now lives in Sedona, Arizona. Part of misreporting Mary Ambrose's age is due to a handfull of writers and bloggers. Mary Ambrose's age is a matter of public record. Both Newsweek and Time Magazine reported Mary Ambrose as being twenty six years old in 2003 in Robert Palmer's obituaries. That was correct. Mary was born in 1977. A main offender of this practice is a man named Phil Rauls who has his own site. He claims in his site that that he was "hanging around" backstage in the early nineties with Mary Ambrose. He is lying. Susan Palmer, Robert's wife, attended concerts with Robert in the early nineties. She did so routinely. In the early nineties, Mary was living at home with her parents. Mary's father was Mike Ambrose, a local reporter and weatherman for Channel 10 News in San Diego, California. He was not a restaruant owner, as often reported, due to an errounious blog posted on a Meta Blog site. Mary was also never a waitress. When Phil Rauls was confronted with the bona fide facts, it inspired him to lie even more enthusiastically about the situation and the timeline. He now insists that he has "supportive photos" in his possession of Robert and Mary from the early nineties. He was told by many people to produce the "supportive photos" by posting at least one of them to his site. He has not done so so far. The problem is that the "supporive photos" do not exist. I am afraid that the man has problems. Mary Ambrose's mother requested that Mr. Rauls remove his inflamitory comments regarding her daughter from his site. Raul's impungns Mary's reputation on his site. Mr. Rauls refused to comply. The problem is that Mr. Rauls wants to pretend that he was a great friend of Robert Palmer's, and is trying to stack the deck in his favor. Robert Palmer knew Phil Rauls, he was an acquantance of his, but they were not close. Rauls lied about his relationship and "adventures" with Robert Palmer. Mr. Rauls lives in a dream world. On an interesting note, Phil Rauls started publicly insulting Geraldine Edwards, a girlfriend of Robert Palmers. Robert and Mary were not exclusive. They had an open relationship. Geraldine's husband, whom she has been married to since 2006, is an attorney from Los Angeles, where they live. He came after Rauls with a vengence. Rauls was forced to remove his hostile comments regarding Geraldine from his website. It is people like Phil Rauls that cause confusion in reporting.

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by Bill McDonald

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I was a friend of Robert Palmer's since the eighties. There are some fundamental errors in your article. First, Mary Ambrose was not Robert's companion for twelve years. Robert was married to Susan Palmer from 1980 to 1999. After Robert's divorce from Susan, he started dating Geraldine Edwards, his longtime friend, lover, and inspiration. Geraldine was quite a character and was the woman the film Almost Famous was based on. She was the person who was regarded as Robert's girlfriend at the time of Robert's death. Robert routinely announced her as his girlfriend and announced her name on Access Hollywood as a birthday surprise for her. Mary Ambrose was born in San Diego, California on June 9, 1977. Her father was a local disk jockey and later an anchorman in San Diego. Mary met Robert in August of 1995 when she had just turned eighteen, Robert was twenty seven years Mary's senior, at a mutual friend named Terry Porterman's house in Coronado, California. Terry was Mary's neighbor. Mary lived at home with her parents until 1996 when Dr. John and Rae Agostino offered her a position as their live-in Au Pair and personal assistant. Mary admitted that she accepted the job because they were both business partners and friends of Robert Palmers. She lived with the Agostinos from 1996 to 1999. Robert hired Mary as his housekeeper and personal assistant in September of 2000. That is when their affair began. Robert continued to date Geraldine and still considered her his girlfriend. Mary dated. In 2001 Mary had a son with Mick Carter, Robert's longtime manager. Mick refused to divorce his wife for Mary. In 2002 Mary had a second son with Robert's friend and business partner who lived in Lugano Switzerland. He was married with three small children. He also would not divorce his wife. Mary had an affair with Jack Bruce, who was Robert's good friend in 2000. Their affair became explosive when Mary demanded that Jack divorce Margrit and marry her. Jack was sixty and Mary was twenty three at the time. Jack refused to do so and Mary proceeded to harass him about it. In short, Mary was not exclusive with Robert. She dated many men. When Robert died Mick Carter announced Mary as Robert's companion at the time of his death vacationing with Robert in Paris. That was a lie. Geraldine Edwards was Robert's girlfriend. Robert was vacationing with Jack Bruce at the time. Carter was pandering to Mary and made the announcement for her to avoid complications in his marriage. His wife would have divorced him had she found out about his child with Mary. He thought he had gotten away with something. He had not. Attorneys representing the Palmer family contacted him and legally prohibited him from announcing Mary as Robert's live-in girlfriend. Mary received a similar call. Several lucrative interviews had to be cancelled. Mary was legally prohibited from writing a book about Robert also as well as referring to herself as his wife. As far as the will situation, Mary recieved under $20,000.00 total as her inheritance from the Estate of Palmer. She unsuccessfuly sued the estate on the grounds of will tampering. She could not prove her case because she had no case, and the matter was dismissed by the French Courts as "without merit." Mary later started lying and saying that she and Robert were living together since 1993 and that she had inherited his Lugano mansion. That was not true. Robert was married to Susan in 1993 and Mary was living at home with her parents. She was fifteen years old in 1993. The house was sold as part of the eatate and distrubuted among Robert's five children from two marriages. Mary thought she was the Executrix of the Palmer Estate. She was not. James Palmer was the Executor of the Estate, named as such in 2000. Geraldine Edwards is now married and living in Los Angeles. She works as a paralegal and earned her Bachelors Degree in 2006. Mary Ambrose died in 2005 in London, according to Mary's friend and former employer, John Agostio. She was twenty seven years old at the time of her death.

Posted 8 years 1 month ago by Angel Muir

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This is Crap. That's not even a picture of Robert Palmer, that's Robert Plant. Duh. Get your story straight. What a pitiful attempt at journalism.

Posted 9 years 12 months ago by truth bearer

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