Late rocker Robert Palmer's impoverished lover MARY AMBROSE is fighting for his $54 million (GBP30 million) fortune.

Ambrose had dated Palmer for 12 years until his tragic heart attack in Paris, France, 14 months ago (SEP03), which killed the ADDICTED TO LOVE singer and left his girlfriend in a financial and legal crisis.

Palmer allegedly removed his ex-wife SUE from his will and replaced her with Ambrose, but Switzerland - where Palmer was a tax exile - does not recognise 'common law wives' and is not expected to allow Ambrose access to his estate or future earnings from his back catalogue.

A family friend explains, "She may be forced to leave the house because she can't afford its upkeep. She is even out of pocket over the cost of Robert's funeral.

"Robert made a will years ago when he was living in the Bahamas when he was married, but later he crossed out his wife's name and wrote in Mary's. He had it all witnessed but for some reason the way he did it may not be acceptable in the Swiss courts."

22/10/2004 14:16