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Alex Kapronos Collapses At Music Festival

12th August 2013

Franz Ferdinand star Alex Kapranos collapsed backstage at the weekend.The 41-year-old singer was knocked out for an hour following a major allergic reaction to peanuts at a music festival in Budapest, Hungary, after he consumed...

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Franz Ferdinand Want 'Instant Buzz' From Songs

2nd June 2013

Franz Ferdinand want their songs to have an ''instant buzz'' as well as a deeper meaning.The 'Take Me Out' band are working on their fourth album, 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action', and hope trying...

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Robert Hardy Pulls Out Of Helen Mirren Play

26th February 2013

British actor Robert Hardy has quit his role opposite Dame Helen Mirren in a London play after injuring himself in a fall.The veteran star was cast as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in West...

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Potter Star Appears In School Play

16th March 2008

HARRY POTTER star ROBERT HARDY delighted young fans in Portsmouth, England - after agreeing to appear in a local school play. The 82-year-old actor, who plays Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the boy wizard's...

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Cage 'Disturbed' By Wicker Man

8th October 2005

NICOLAS CAGE was thrilled to be offered a part in the upcoming remake of the 1973 horror classic THE WICKER MAN, because the original movie haunted him for weeks. Cage, 41, was introduced to...

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Franz Ferdinand Mistaken For One Man

11th September 2005

The members of FRANZ FERDINAND have noticed a problem with their band's name - they're often mistaken for one man. TAKE ME OUT rockers ALEX KAPRANOS, PAUL THOMSON, ROBERT HARDY and NICK McCARTHY named...

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