Actor Robert Downey Jr has found two new ways of focusing his mind as he continues to battle his drug demons - wing chun kung fu and sage.

The former ALLY McBEAL star has been clean for two years after undergoing a spell in a lock-down rehab, and he's found two new hobbies that are helping him become a better person.

For starters, he practices kung fu six times a week.

He says, "It just does so many things. You feel you're part of something that you respect. To me, it's really quite mystical.

"It's primary purpose is to promote a sense of spiritual warrior-dom and to respect your society."

And he also cleanses himself and his loved ones with a burning sage bush.

He adds, "It's a Native American ritual. Essentially, if you look back a couple of centuries or further you'll find everything you need to exist in the modern world."

24/11/2004 09:38