Fans rejoiced as the alternate and more action packed trailer for 'Iron Man 3' emerged online this week, showing Tony Stark doing battle with nemesis Mandarin. Eagle-eyed comic book enthusiasts pieced together the promo and posted various plot predictions online, though the guys at LEGO appear to saved them a job. got its hands on high-resolution pictures from LEGO's forthcoming Iron Man 3 line, and let's just say, it gives the game away. The three sets, Malibu Mansion Attack, Iron Man vs Mandarin Ultimate Showdown and Extremis Sea Port Battle all reference key sequences in the movie. We suggest not reading on should you not want potential spoilers.

First up, the Ultimate Showdown box-set shows Ben Kingsley's character driving a flame-throwing tank. It's perhaps the least 'spoilery' of the three sets, though ultimately gives away how Mandarin will try stop Tony Stark this time around. 

Next, the Extremis Sea Port Battle set appears to show that Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) will use himself as a guinea pig in an attempt to become a super-soldier. The LEGO figure has a zombie-style hue with red eyes and a veiny face. It's the development for Killian that most fans saw coming.

The biggest spoiler is found in Tony's Malibu mansion set, which features Mr Stark falling out of an exploding window while someone dressed in an Iron Man suit hovers above him. Those with a keen eye will have noticed the fake Iron man has female LEGO freckles and red lips. Pepper - played by Gwyneth Paltrow - is the only female character in the set, so it's safe to assume she'll be adopting her own superhero persona. In the most recent trailer, Pepper is seeing standing amidst a pile of wreckage wearing nothing but her underwear, suggesting she'd stripped down from her suit.

What do you think? How much do the LEGO sets really tell us?

Watch The Iron Man 3 Alternate Trailer: