Save Me begins with two young gay stoners indulging in a coke and booze-fueled sex romp in a sleazy New Mexico hotel room. That'll get your attention. Soon, however, the mood changes as Mark (Chad Allen), one of these troubled young men, realizes he's sick, broke, and at the end of his rope. Committed to the hospital by his brother, he emerges with nowhere to go and reluctantly agrees (way too fast in my opinion) to be dropped off at Genesis House, a Christian organization devoted to "curing" homosexuals of their affliction.

Run by the devoutly Christian Gayle (Judith Light) and her patient husband Ted (Steven Lang), the program puts young men on a well-ordered regimen of prayer, group therapy, awkward Saturday dances with local girls, and birdhouse construction in order to turn them around. It's not a prison or a deprogramming center, and Gayle couldn't be nicer, so after a few temper tantrums, Mark starts to settle in and enjoy the camaraderie of the other troubled young men who live in the house.

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