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'Club Life' Premiere

Robert Davi - 'Club Life' premiere at the Regal Cinemas Union Sq. - Arrivals - New York, United States - Tuesday 26th May 2015

Robert Davi
Robert Davi

Premiere Of 'Lost Time' - Arrivals

Robert Davi - Premiere of 'Lost Time' held in Beverly Hills - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 10th September 2014

Robert Davi
Robert Davi
Robert Davi
Robert Davi
Robert Davi
Christian Sesma, Derek Mears, Jenni Blong, Rochelle Vallese and Robert Davi

'The Expendables 3' Premiere Held At The TCL Chinese Theatre - Arrivals

Robert Davi - Stars attended the Premiere of 'The Expendables 3' on August 11th 2014 which was held on Hollywood Boulevard at the TCL Chinese Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 11th August 2014

Robert Davi
Robert Davi
Robert Davi

The Expendables 3 - Featurette

The cast of 'The Expendables 3' discuss the upcoming action film in a short featurette. Among them are Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, Glen Powell, Sylvester Stallone, Randy Couture, Jason Statham and Mel Gibson. The movie is out August 25th 2014.

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The Expendables 3 Trailer

Barney Ross is the fearless leader of elite New Orleans mercenary team The Expendables who are still as active and formidable as ever despite the ever nearing limitations of age. And it seems those limitations could be closer than ever as they face their most serious challenge yet. When The Expendables' co-founder Conrad Stonebanks became engulfed in a world of crime and arms dealing, Barney made the difficult decision to kill his partner. However, it seems Stonebanks isn't as dead as Barney thought and he's now hellbent on ending The Expendables once and for all. With such a deadly threat facing them, the team decide to recruit; enlisting a younger, fitter and smarter group to join them and bring down their nemesis. With fresh blood and higher numbers, The Expendables are sure to succeed in their latest mission - but will age differences get in the way of their solidarity?

'The Expendables 3' introduces an extended, all star ensemble cast in the final instalment of 'The Expendables' move series. Directed by Patrick Hughes ('Red Hill') and co-written by Katrin Benedikt, Creighton Rothenberger ('Olympus Has Fallen'), Dave Callaham ('Doom') and star Sylvester Stallone ('Rambo'), the movie will be unveiled in UK cinemas on August 15th 2014.

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The Goonies Sequel Could Bring Back Villain, And Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman Steven Spielberg Robert Davi Richard Donner

The Goonies sequel could welcome back the opera-signing villain Jake Fratelli after the actor who played him, Robert Davi, said he was thrilled that Richard Donner is going to shoot the follow-up and wants to be a part of it. Davi told TMZ that he'd love to help Donner write the script to the sequel and has already mapped out the role of his character. 

The Goonies

Because of Jake's love for opera, Robert explained that his character would now have a successful career performing the Great American Songbook with his brother Francis as his crooked manager. One Eyed Willie's ship has been tracked down using sonar technology, but the treasure trove is no longer board. Of course, Jake and Francis have a key piece of evidence that they've held onto for 30 years...evidence that will lead them to the gold. It actually sounds pretty good, right?

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The Expendables 3 - Teaser Trailer

A formidable group of New Orleans mercenaries led by the no-nonsense Barney Ross are starting to feel less invincible than they used to. Their latest mission sees them bump into the crazed co-founder of the elite team, Conrad Stonebanks, who Ross thought he killed a long time ago when he turned against the law and began arms dealing. Now Stonebanks will stop at nothing until everyone of the expendables are wiped out. Ross and his team are feeling less than confident and decide to enlist a fresh team of skilled warriors who are much younger, fitter and more in tune with the ever developing technology of the armed forces. Will the young and the old be able to work together to bring down their latest nemesis? Or will the generational clash do more harm than good?

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Hampton Classic Horseshow 2013

Jennifer Harrison and actor Robert Davi - Celebrities attends the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horseshow - Bridgehampton, NY, United States - Sunday 1st September 2013

Robert Davi and Jennifer Harrison

"The Black Rose" Press Conference At The Hotel Metropol

Robert Davi and Kristanna Sommer Loken - "The Black Rose" Press Conference at the Hotel Metropol - MOSCOW, Russian Federation - Thursday 4th July 2013

Robert Davi and Kristanna Sommer Loken
Robert Davi
Robert Davi, Nevsky Alexander and Kristanna Sommer Loken
Robert Davi

The Iceman Trailer

Richard Kuklinski is a contract killer who has murdered over 100 men for a variety of criminals. He's very good at his job and rarely leaves any traces behind, though his ethics extend at least to a refusal to kill a woman or a child - even if they are key witnesses to a terrible crime. Whilst earning enough as a hitman to live a more than comfortable life, he is a family man with daughters and a beautiful wife who he truly dotes upon. They have no idea about his questionable career and he intends to keep it that way, but with constant reminders that he's not the loving family man he tries so hard to be and ever more dubious jobs being put upon him, he is set to lose everything .

'The Iceman' is the true story of the real Richard Kuklinski who was arrested in 1986 after his prolific work as a hitman for several major crime rings. It has been adapted by Ariel Vromen ('Danika', 'Simple Lies'), who co-wrote the screenplay with Morgan Land ('Simple Lies'), with the story being taken from Anthony Bruno's book 'The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer' and the Jim Thebaut documentary 'The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer'. It is set to hit cinemas on June 7th 2013.

Director: Ariel Vromen

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Licence To Kill Review

Timothy Dalton's second (and final) Bond outing is mainly memorable for nothing in the film itself. The title, Licence to Kill, was a change from the original Bond story, Licence Revoked, when it was revealed that a large percentage of Americans didn't know what "revoked" meant. And then there was the issue of whether to spell the first word "licence" or "license." Ultimately less was said about the film, which is one of the least successful Bond movies ever at the box office, especially in adjusted dollars. The problem? The story isn't very Bond-like: He leaves MI-6 for most of the film to avenge best bud Felix Leiter's death at the hands of a drug kingpin while canoodling with Carey Lowell, a poor Bond girl choice if ever there was one. A cameo by Wayne Newton pushes the film into full-on kitsch, and many feared the series was dead after Licence's poor showing. It would be six years until the next film, GoldenEye, the longest period without a Bond release since the series began in 1963.

Aka License to Kill.

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Son Of The Pink Panther Review

As unmemorable as Ted Wass was in Curse of the Pink Panther, Roberto Benigni is positively awful as the lead in this even-iller-advised sequel. It's hard to believe that Benigni would be snagging an Oscar a mere four years later. Here he shows no trace of any depth or sincerity, or really any talent of any kind.

You can guess from the title what's up here: Clouseau is long gone, and Maria Gambrelli (from A Shot in the Dark) has moved on with her life. Add in a kidnapped princess and police commissioner Dreyfus (Herbert Lom, impossibly still alive) who stumble into Maria's world. Then throw in Clouseau's long-lost son, the idiotic Jacques Cambrelli, who is, yes, Maria's offspring.

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Predator 2 Review

Every good monster movie deserves a sequel, and with few exceptions they get a crappy one. Predator 2 is right in line with that legacy, a lackluster (and Schwarzenegger-free) action flick that steals every page it can from the Aliens playbook.

Since Predator took place in the jungle, Hollywood's sense of irony dictates that the sequel should take place in the city: In this case, Los Angeles, where a bloody gang war is underway. But the cops (notably renegade do-gooder Danny Glover) can't quite reconcile the body count, and it isn't long until they start to realize that another force is at work, which might explain the metallic bits that no one can identify and the corpses missing all their vital organs.

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Showgirls Review

It's so bad it's good. But hey, it ain't that good.ay?

Showgirls is the capper in writer Joe Eszterhas' storied career. First came Flashdance. Then he shocked us with Basic Instinct. Then he writes Showgirls, an ultra-explicit NC-17 drama about a Las Vegas showgirl who goes from nobody to "Goddess" by playing the Power Game better than everyone else.

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The Hot Chick Review


Rob Schneider's new low-brow body-swap romp "The Hot Chick" is such an insipidly sexist so-called comedy that the movie's entire female cast is reduced to jumping up and down, giggling and playing patty-cake while rhyming about the ickiness of sex.

These characters don't have a brain cell to share among them, but Schneider (who plays an idiot too, but what else is new?) and director Tom Brady genuinely expect the audience to identify with these one-dimensional teenage airheads.

More specifically, they expect us to identify with catty queen ditz Jessica (Rachel McAdams), who, through a curse not worth explaining here, wakes up in the short, hairy, burlap-sack body of a scummy, gas-station-robbing low-life (Schneider) just a few days before the prom.

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