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The Confessions Of Robert Crumb Review

Very Good
When I popped this unexpected DVD into the player, I was expecting to immediately write it off as a ripoff of the superb documentary Crumb. Imagine my surprise -- The Confessions of Robert Crumb predates Zwigoff's doc by a decade. And it's a little different -- this 55-minute film, shot in 1987, was written by Robert Crumb himself to essentially tell his life story at the behest of the BBC.

The film focuses on his life philosophies, his youth and ascent to fame (about which he is extremely humble), and of course, his comics. The film bears a certain resemblance to Crumb, with plenty of shots of his work (juxtaposed with his real life, of course), but it lacks the depth of Zwigoff's work -- namely because you can't really make a critical documentary about yourself.

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Crumb Review

When the Hoop Dreams scandal was going on earlier this year, there was a second documentary commonly mentioned as having been likewise robbed alongside the basketball film. That movie was Crumb, the equally ambitious and deserving portrait of the infamous artist/cartoonist Robert Crumb.

Crumb was the creator of such works as the drawing "Keep on Truckin'," which became an icon adorning every truck mud flap in the 1960s, the cover art for Big Brother and the Holding Company's album "Cheap Thrills," and the character Fritz the Cat, which had the dubious distinction of starring in the first X-rated feature animated film.

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Comic Book Confidential Review

Are you really into comic books? Really really? Like Kevin Smith-really into comic books?

If you answered yes to all three questions, you'll love Comic Book Confidential -- presuming you haven't seen it at some point in the last 14 years. Now available on DVD, the documentary lightly traces the history of the comic book medium since its inception, complete with stories about censorship, underground comics, parody, women's issues, and the various genre changes the medium went through.

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Robert Crumb

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