British singer Robbie Williams is hoping to emulate the success of his former foe Liam Gallagher's clothing company with his new fashion line, insisting it would be "brilliant" to match the rocker's achievement.
The Angels hitmaker has launched his own range, Farrell, and Williams, who famously offered to fight his chart rival at the 2000 Brit Awards, wants the items to be as popular as Gallagher's Pretty Green collection.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "If we can achieve what Pretty Green has achieved in what seems like a short space of time then that would be brilliant."
Speaking about the difference between the two lines, Williams adds, "I've been on the Pretty Green website and looked at their clothes and it should do really well because it's really well put together.
"I think the difference between mine and Liam's clothes is probably 40 to 50 years. This is genuine Ww1 Winston Churchill (sic) stuff and I think Liam's is more mod 1960s and maybe Nineties. There is a definite difference, you can just tell by looking at the style."