Unlucky-in-love singer Robbie Williams deems actress pal Daryl Hannah to be his ideal woman - but fears she doesn't return his devotion.

The ROCK DJ hunk has dated a string of beauties but has failed in his quest to hold down a long term relationship.

However, he thinks the older Kill Bill heroine - who played Robbie's love interest in his video FEEL - fulfils all his requirements.

Single Robbie swoons, "I'd love a girlfriend. Daryl knows my mate DANIEL and she came to hang out with us. We watched The Tonight Show and we just giggled all night and took the p***.

"I think she's got a boyfriend but I was thinking, 'This is what it's like having a girlfriend who's a mate, it is possible. I like this, I want this'. I'm not saying we're going to go out 'cos we're not. She f****** cool man, the eternal teenager."

01/07/2003 21:06