Robbie Williams has gotten a tattoo in tribute of his daughter.

The 'Candy' hitmaker has added some new ink to his arm to remind him of seven-month-old Theodora Rose - also affectionately known as Teddy - and credits his little bundle of joy with wife Ayda Field, for saving his life.

The star explained: ''I have a little teddy bear with a T on her tummy tattooed on my left arm. I'm not sure how else I've changed but I've given up smoking so Teddy has probably saved my life in more ways than one.''

But Robbie, 39, insists that being a father hasn't made him tone down his suggestive lyrics and swearing in his songs.

He is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''I've written a song about Teddy called 'Go Gentle', but if anything, the stuff I've been writing just recently has still got swear words in it. So I don't seem to have rounded off in any way. Maybe I should.''

The singer recently revealed that he serenaded Teddy with the ode he had written for her, but it seems the young tot wasn't too impressed by her dad's singing - as she vomited on him.

He said: ''I wrote her a song called 'Go Gentle'. I had a really lovely moment walking around the estate where we live with the baby, and I sang this very, very sincere song ... and she threw up on me. I don't know if that is baby for, 'That is amazing, dad', or 'I have just thrown up because you make me nauseous.' ''