Robbie Williams has seen his earnings drop by over £30 million.

The 'Rock DJ' singer - who is currently trying to make his way back to the top of the pop charts after a three year break from music - made just £269,000 last year, down from £1 million in 2007 and a massive drop from the staggering £32 million he generated from record sales, concerts and merchandising in 2006.

Robbie's spokesperson said they had "no comment to make" on the figures, which are revealed in accounts for his firm The In Good Company Co Ltd.

While Robbie's income has fallen, it hasn't curbed the generous streak in the 35-year-old former Take That star.

The 'Bodies' singer reportedly put his lavish UK home - which he bought for £8 million earlier this year - up for sale when he and girlfriend Ayda Field moved back to Los Angeles in order to pay off the actress' mother Gwen's debts.

A friend previously said: "Debtors are literally on Gwen's doorstep. Her house has been threatened with foreclosure. She doesn't work and has relied on money from her divorce and from family to fund her lifestyle.

"But things have been getting tricky recently and she's worried about the future. Robbie has already been extremely generous."