Robbie Williams used his tour DVD to ''get laid''.

Although he may be a household name with throngs of female admirers in the United Kingdom, the 'Candy' hitmaker admits he had a hard time picking up women when he moved to Los Angeles, California, and tried to lure them into bed by making them watch his 'Live at Knebworth' concert film.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper about the 10th anniversary of his infamous gig, he said: ''I haven't gone back and analysed my old tours. I have watched the first three numbers of Knebworth when I was trying to get laid in the States.

''I would say, 'I know I am that humble guy you just met at the bar, but check this out!' Then I would press play.

'''What do you think? Pants down? I agree.' It seemed to be pretty effective for a spell.''

The 39-year-old singer has since curbed his womanising ways, marrying actress Ayda Field in August 2010 and welcoming his first child, nine-month old daughter Theodora Rose, in September 2012.

Robbie recently revealed he and Ayda, 34, are still coming to terms with the ins and outs of parenthood but thinks they are doing a ''pretty good job''.

He explained: ''My wife and I are still learning how to be parents, but I think we're doing a pretty good job. I'm sure that when my daughter will bring home her first boyfriend I'll? be so intimidating that he'll run away, but embarrassing as well, just to have a bit of fun.''