Robbie Williams will hire a nanny because he wants to live in a ''happy house''.

The 38-year-old singer welcomed his first child - a daughter named Theodora Rose - with wife Ayda Field in September, and he admits he will have ''hot and cold running help'' because he is determined everything will go smoothly.

He said: ''Am I getting help? F**k yeah. I'm getting hot and cold running help. The number of couples who have kids and argue as they haven't slept - I want the house to be happy, because we'll be happy and the baby will be happy and we can do it again. I really want to dig this.''

However, the 'Candy' hitmaker - who has previously confessed to being nervous about fatherhood -admits becoming a parent will mean he will have to become more ''selfless'', an idea that scares him.

He told Style magazine: ''A huge lesson in selflessness is on its way. That's the thing I'm scared about, because I've been a pop star since I was 16. I haven't had to wipe my arse since 16. And now l literally have to wipe someone else's arse.''