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Robbie Boyd - Less Than Friends

London singer songwriter Robbie Boyd unveils a remarkable love story in the video for his new single 'Less Than Friends' which is due for release on May 12th 2014. The track is taken from his upcoming debut album 'So Called Man' - out May 26th on Tawny Owl Records.

The video opens with a man appearing in a field next to some balloons and elsewhere a woman apparently walking across a rooftop. He then opens his briefcase which contains several plastic balls and proceeds to throw them in the air. They land on the girl, appearing to have fallen out of the sky, and she angrily throws up a paper aeroplane with a message reading 'Stop!' The pair begin an unorthodox communication, swapping polaroid selfies, before they can be seen looking at each other upside down. It's a vibrant and whimsical visual with an appropriately uplifting tune delivered in Robbie's typical folksy pop style.

Boyd's upcoming debut is one of the more highly anticipated albums of the year, with the musician having been seen performing on ITV's 'This Morning' and making regular airplay on BBC Radio 2. The album has been produced by Tristan Ivemy, who has previously worked with the likes of Frank Turner and Magic Numbers.

The Robbie Boyd Band - When I Believe

Hailing from London, The Robbie Boyd Band release the latest single 'When I Believe' from their well-received debut EP 'Autumn's Flown' on August 27th 2012 through Tawny Owl Records.

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