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Whilst I have not seen the new Halloween(curious), I do wonder if it is going to help the ageing franchise! The original is and still is a truly defining movie(for a slasher flick); I can't help but think that the movie industry is in a stale place for someone to do what is essentially Halloween 938, the return, of the return, of the prequel, of the dead guy!!!!I love Michael Myers(not in that sense)in a way I find Jack The Ripper fascinating(not a lunatic, honestly)but there were 600 Friday The 13th movies, 1,219 Nightmare On Elm Street movies(unofficial count, just feels like)the industry now needs something less cliched, and uninspiring in thought. Bring back the horror movie, there hasn't been a really decent effort for years. p.s stop comerciallising these things, they are not supposed to be cute and cuddly dolls; they are supposed to be mass murdering, evil people...not exactly a great doll for a 8 year old kid. Sorry for the ramble. p.s if the film turns out to be decent, and I end up saying 'do another one', I shall bore you all again. Thankyou.
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7 years 5 months ago
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