Grace Trey is a young singer/songwriter desperate to follow in her musician father's footsteps and gain attention with a Billboard hit. Her career so far has been singing alongside him in a Christian band at her local church but as tensions rise between the two of them over their artistic differences, Grace makes the big decision to run away to Los Angeles as her father's former manager Mossy agrees to help her land a record deal. However, life on the way to stardom is not all the glamour and fun that she thought it would be. She soon begins to realise the shallowness in everybody around her, from her make-up artist to the young male TV star who has suddenly taken an interest in her. As she starts to move further and further away from her faith and her father handles her disappearance badly, the only solace she finds is in an intern named Quentin who tries to remind her of the important things she's left behind.

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