Rob Kardashian is inspired by Kanye West.

The younger brother of reality stars Kim, Khloe and Kourtney often turns to the rapper and fashion designer, who is set to marry Kim this year, for tips when designing new socks for his Arthur George range.

He told VIBE magazine: ''Kanye is like a fashion icon so he is definitely inspiration to being something great or having a great business.

''He does a lot. I mean everything he touches is literally gold - from all the shoes he's created whether it be Louis [Vuitton] to Yeezys to whatever he is about to do with Adidas.''

The 26-year-old star also gets business advice from entrepreneur Scott Disick, who is rumoured to be engaged to his sister Kourtney, and claims ''everybody'' is an inspiration when it comes to his sock line.

He continued: ''Scott's cool just 'cause he used to wear suits all the time and dress super intense with the suit game so he was definitely [helpful] with the dress socks. He gave me the idea to go crazy.''

Rob hopes the business, which has been up and running for a year, could lead to future opportunities in fashion, including a possible apparel line.

He said: ''I definitely wanna jump into other things, like boxers, underwear, t-shirts, even ties. Honestly, there's so much to do. I'm working on some things with clothing but I'm just really trying to iron out all the little details about my socks. We are also doing kids and a lot of women's stuff. I'm excited for that.''