Rob Kardashian accused by photographer, saying he "grabbed her camera and removed the memory card". The younger brother of the three best-known Kardashians, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe will have some questions to answer.

“The paparazzi alleged that while she was photographing Rob Kardashian, he grabbed her camera and removed the memory card. During the struggle, the paparazzi stated that she was struck in the face by Rob Kardashian,” the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement. "The paparazzi identified the suspect as Rob Kardashian, who fled the location with the memory card," police said, adding that the investigation was still on-going. TMZ are reporting that Rob acted this way because he had his shirt removed when the photos were taken, and he’s in the middle of a weight loss program (exercise, apparently). So he grabbed the card on which the photos were stored and took off. He did promise to pay for the card, but we’re pretty sure that’s not the point.

Rob told Us Weekly that he's starting to see results after vowing to get back in shape several weeks ago. “I lost 5 to 7 [pounds] last week. I'm trying to lose 40,” he explained in Las Vegas last Friday. “It's a little journey, but it's good... I'm like 240lbs right now, probably 235lbs.”

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